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Spring Is Coming: Get Your Grill Out Of Storage

"It’s been a long and cold winter but Spring Is Coming: Get Your Grill Out Of Storage. Not everyone can brave the winter weather to grill year round. You probably put your grill away for the winter, hiding it in your garage until the weather was a little more hospitable. If that sounds like you, it’s time to bring your faithful friend out of the garage for your official kickoff of the spring season. I am talking about Springtime Grilling!

It’s time to give your grill a good spring cleaning, including a good wipe down with hot soapy water, an inspection of all your hoses and feed lines, a leak test and a clear-out of all the tubes. Here are the full details on getting your grill ready for the season.

Once the grill is cleaned and replaced upon its space of glory in your backyard, it’s time to think of what you are going to grill up this spring. Skip stretching your grilling muscles with burgers and hot dogs. Make something a little more adventurous like Blood Orange Salmon on a Plank or Rack of Lamb With Herb Crust and Mustard Glaze. And we can’t leave out dessert, try something like a fresh citrus and lemon curd cake. Whatever you make, using the grill will add flavor to your dishes, and free up a lot of space in the oven.

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