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There is difference between Cleaning and Reconditioning

Do you know what happens when you mix cold water with grease!?...

A Mess! 

Servicing at your backyard has unforeseen challenges. 

For repairs only, we charge pick up and delivery and labour. No service call fee. Most repair services only are same day service. 

When your barbecue comes into our facility for a complete overhaul it comes out looking great and performing like new. We steam clean with hot water and hand polish to maintain the original finish. We give your barbecue a new look after years of use.


Sobie's is second to none when it comes to Reconditioning!

  • Overhaul service is all year round

  • Maintenance Services range from $250-$450 based on the size of your grill.

  • Includes cleaning and repairs. Replacement parts are extra.

                                Most repair services only are same day service.     

For the sake of environment, we do not clean barbecues at our customer’s residence.

Your service call fee will be used as pick up and delivery charge.

Our service is backed by a 30 day guarantee.

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