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Finding The Perfect BBQ For Dad

Like dad always says, “If you’re going to do it, do it RIGHT!” On that note, Sobie’s is here to help you do just that.

Follow these tips and we guarantee you’ll do the old man proud:

1. Party of 2 or More?

No matter what your mom tells you, size DOES matter. For big (or seriously hungry) groups, he’ll need a cooking surface that starts around 500 For more intimate gatherings of two to three people, he’ll do just fine with approximately 350

2. Burger Boy or Gourmet?

If your dad is a meat and potatoes kinda guy, he probably doesn’t need a side-cooker, enclosed cabinetry or anything resembling a time machine on tiny casters. Simply buy the best darn grill that budget allows, and leave the bells and whistles to the other guy. Now, if your dad is “the other guy,” think about what he cooks. If he’s big on roasts and whole chickens, consider a barbecue that comes with a rear rotisserie burner. It makes rotissing easy, and the mouth-watering results will make your dad a hero every time. Or, if he’s big on breakfast, get him the model with the super hot infrared side-cooker so he can whip up pancakes, eggs and bakey in seconds. You. Will. Knock. His. Socks. Off.

3. Fair-weather Cook or Winter Warrior?

If your dad only grills when the sun shines, any good-quality, properly sized and outfitted barbecue will do. But, if he’s a winter warrior (which we highly encourage because nothing tastes better in the dead of winter than sizzling steak right off the grill), think about investing in a stainless steel barbecue because it lasts longer than enamelled steel. Also look at infrared and electric options. Because they heat up so quickly, dad won’t have to put on his parka, even in a blizzard… and wouldn’t that be a cool Kodak moment?!

4. Fuel Type

Gas, charcoal, pellets or electric? In terms of gas, you have two choices: propane or natural gas. If dad doesn’t have a gas line that runs to the back deck, get him a propane barbecue (if you need a full tank, we have that too). But if lugging around a tank is too much, no worries, we can recommend a gas fitter who is an expert in natural gas line installations. Charcoal is making a resurgence, particularly amongst our Baby Boomer customers who swear by its ability to sear and sizzle like nothing else. For these grillers, we have loads of makes and models to choose from, including a few twists on the old favourite such as pellet-fuelled grills and low and slow smokers; for those who’ve not yet tried cooking on a smoker, trust us, it opens up a whole new world of barbecue. We will help you determine the best fuel type for your dad, and get him started right away with all the accessories: tank, charcoal, pellets, starters (no lighter fluid, please!) and wood chunks. More on gas and charcoal.

5. Who you gonna call?

Hopefully us! We are the barbecue experts. We don’t sell flowerpots and ice melter. We live and breathe barbecues; we sell, service, rent and clean barbecues. All sizes, all fuel types, and all the accessories. We can tell you the real deal on warranties and we can get your dad replacement parts when the time comes. We are staff owned and operated and after 40 years in business, we know a thing or two about barbecues.

Like dad always says, “If you’re going to do it, do it RIGHT!”


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