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Choosing Specialty Shops vs. Big Box Stores

In today’s Big Box world, you might think specialty shops get stuck with the short end of a very big stick. But that’s simply not true. In fact, we say there’s never been a better time for independent, specialty stores. And here’s why:

  1. Service. It’s all well and good to sell high-tech products, but if the store you bought the products from can’t service them, what does that say about their longterm commitment to the product, and more importantly, to you? We service what we sell. We always have, for 30 years and counting.

  2. Knowledge. Speciality stores are just that: we specialize. We don’t sell drywall and lumber and toilets and flowers. No, our one focus is barbecues: we sell them, service them, clean and rent them. And we do it well. We live and breath barbecues and we have the knowledge to prove it.

  3. Passion. It’s a feeling thing. And when you walk into a speciality store, you feel it. That’s because staff at specialty stores are more like family than co-workers. At Sobie’s, we take it one step further: we are staff owned and operated, which means each one of us has a vested interest. In you. Your happiness is our livelihood… good thing we make you happy!

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