Tejas Smokers

Out of Houston Texas we bring you the best quality ¼” steel smokers that we have ever seen. Tejas Smokers are all hand-made and fully welded with pride by Texans who know BBQ. The number of features that are standard on all models of Tejas not only make this company stand out above all others, but they also make the Tejas a GREAT DEAL.

Standard features include:

  • direct grill cook grate at top of the firebox
  • adjustable cooking grates throughout bbq pit
  • adjustable three-port air intake at base of firebox door
  • barrel/ square firebox 45° fixed angle heat-deflector baffle
  • drilled ½” tap at the rear of the square firebox for optional gas log lighter pipe
  • full sized heavy duty ash pan

Also by Tejas: The Outdoor Cooker StandTejas Cooker Stand
A 160, 000 BTU high pressure burner with COM2 propane regulator combo. Also available in natural gas. We discuss cooker stands in more detail in the Hot Tips Blog.

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Tejas 1628

The Tejas 1628 takes offset firebox smoking to a new level. The quality and features enable even an amateur to cook like a Texas Pro.This is the true Texas barbecue smoker pit built to last a lifetime. The 1628 is the number one selling Tejas smoker.

  • Upper rack in barrel 15” x 27 ½”
  • Lower rack in barrel 10” x 24”
  • Fire box grill rack 15” x 18”
  • Smoker dimensions 54” long, 18” deep 54 inches high with smoke stack
  • Weight is 315 pounds
  • Wood storage rack below smoker
  • Can hold 4 gallons of water
  • Folding front table
  • Adjustable air intake on fire box door
  • Smoker pit can use 14” to 16” logs, or charcoal with wood chunks
  • ¼” steel plate fire box
  • Capped water drain (ball valve optional)
  • Ash pan and rake


  • Gas assist log lightr
  • Swivel sauce bowl
  • Custom fit vinyl cover
  • Drain valve
  • Stainless steel shelf cover
  • Fire box griddle



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Tejas 1628CC Deluxe

Not surprisingly, the 1628CC is based on the 1628 above and adds the following…

  • Upper rack in barrel 24” x 15.5”
  • Lower rack in barrel 24” x 9.75”
  • 4 framed meat racks in vertical stack
  • Fire box grill rack 16” x 15.5”
  • Water resev=rvoir capacity 6 gallons
  • Total length 65”, depth 17.5” height 70.5”
  • Weight 605 pounds
  • 2 swing arms for hanging meat
  • 3.5” front swivel wheels, 8” rear tires



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Tejas 2040 Deluxe

Producing true “barbecue” has a lot to do with maintaining temperature. The 2040 is a pleasure to cook on because it holds an even temperature so you can enjoy cooking and forget about tending to the fire. This model is similar to the 1628 model with:

  • Upper rack in barrel 34” x 18”
  • Centre meat rack in barrel 34” x 18”
  • Lower meat rack in barrel 34” x 10.75”
  • Firebox grill rack 18.5” x 18.75”
  • Water reservoir capacity 6 gallons
  • Length 67”, depth 21”, height 57”
  • Weight 601 pounds
  • Brass ball drain valve
  • High heat gas assist gas log lighter with high pressure regulator
  • Brushed stainless steel front folding shelf
  • Can use up to 18” logs
  • 5” front swivel wheels, 10” rear hard rubber tires



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Tejas 2040CC Classic Chef

The 2040CC is the deluxe version of the 2040 above – and that can only mean good things, including…

  • 34” X 15” Top Meat Rack In Barrel
  • 34” X 18.5” Centre Meat Rack In Barrel
  • 34” X 10.5” Lower Level Meat Rack In Barrel
  • 4 Framed Meat Racks In Vertical Stack Each 19.5” X 18”
  • Firebox Grill Rack 19”X 19”
  • Tolal Length 84”, Depth 21” Height 74”
  • Water Reservoir Capacity 9 Gallons
  • Weight 785 Pounds
  • Swing Arms For Hanging Meat 2



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Tejas 2430

This is a unique barbecue pit smoker and barbecue grill all in one. Think of what would happen if a Texan had a car designed by a Japanese engineer. You would get all the big roomy bravado of a Long Horn Caddy, in a size that you could fit into a downtown Tokyo parking spot. This analogy may seem like a pipe dream when it comes to carmakers, but is reality in the Tejas Houston 2430 smoker. The barrel of the Houston 2430 combines 3 levels of cooking to create close to 3 times the capacity of the Galveston 1628. Yet, the Houston 2430 is only 46″ long and takes up less space than the average gas BBQ. How does Tejas do it? The fire box is underneath the cooking chamber, and the lid has a roll top design. How does it perform? AWESOME!

  • Length 36” shelf down
  • Length 46” shelf up
  • Depth 31”
  • Height 58”
  • Weight 385 pounds
  • Unit has 3 framed sliding racks upper and two mid level each 11” x 27”
  • Water capacity 3.5 gallons
  • Cooking barrel 24” x 30”
  • Roll top barrel lid
  • Folding side table adjustable air intake
  • Two 3.5” swivel wheels, two 3.5” fixed wheels
  • Uses up to 18” logs
  • Brass drain valve
  • Combination wood grate/ash pan


  • Cast iron fish fryer
  • Gas assist log lighter
  • Barbecue pit custom vinyl cover



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Tejas 2436XL Barbecue Grill

The ultimate barbecue grill with double walled fire box. As well, the right, left and rear walls have a one inch air space between two steel plates. The dual charcoal racks can be positioned on each of three different levels to obtain different heat settings. This can be used as a grill and a smoker.

  • Length 44” with side tray down, 56” with tray up
  • Depth 29”, height 44 ½”
  • Weight 276 pounds
  • 14 gauge steel construction
  • Stainless steel folding shelf
  • Two fixed wheels, two swivel wheels – one with a brake
  • Rubber handle which accepts the optional fish fryer
  • Two removable front access doors to bbq grill charcoal racks


  • Stainless steel temperature gauge
  • Swivel sauce bowl
  • Cast iron burner (fish fryer)
  • Charcoal rack log lighter
  • Custom vinyl cover



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Tejas 2454XL Barbecue Grill

It’s a grill and it’s a smoker and it may be all you need to produce true barbecue.

Similar to the 2436xl with:

  • Length 59 ½” with shelf down, 69 ½” with shelf up
  • 29” deep and 44 ½” high
  • Weight 382 pounds
  • Has 50% more grilling area than the 2436xl
  • Three adjustable charcoal/log racks



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