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Service before and afterGet sobie’s winter cleaning, Maintenance & repair service

A barbecue needs annual maintenance and let’s face it, it’s not a fun job. But your barbecue will thank you by extending its useful life far longer with a little TLC. Sobie’s has been providing barbecue cleaning and refurbishing for years.

Here’s what you get:

  • Pick up and drop-off service. We’ll transport it for you for $100.
  • Complete overhaul of your barbecue including a deep clean* – $200 to $450 (depending on size and how bad it is!)
  • Sobie’s reminder service in the fall (Fill in the form on this page and you’re all set.)
  • 60-day guarantee on all our service

*We do not do any cleaning and maintenance in your back yard to protect the environment. Also please note: some customers may not recognize their BBQ when it is returned.

BBQ Restoration & Cleaning Starts in AUGUST till March ending. appointment required.

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Refurbished Barbecues

Want a used refurbished barbecue for your cottage or a second grill? We have some in stock ranging $350-$500 depending on the size. Contact our service department.