Save up to $500 – Napoleon’s Outdoor Kitchen Event

Outdoor kitchen by Napoleon. Customize your outdoor kitchen with Oasis at Sobie's.

Are you planning to create a custom outdoor kitchen in your backyard or at the cottage this summer? This year the early bird gets the worm. You can save up to $500 with Napoleon when you purchase an outdoor kitchen by April 30, 2017.

What’s an outdoor kitchen? It’s the combination of a great grill head with storage cabinets, drawers, and accessories like fridges and side burners for veggies and sauces. It’s also referred to as a built-in barbeque.

The great thing about Napoleon’s outdoor kitchens is that they are completely modular. So you can configure your outdoor kitchen to suit your space and your needs!

Here’s what you’ll save on your outdoor kitchen:

Spend*: Save:
$1500 – $1900 $100
$2000 – $3499 $200
$3500 – $4999 $400
$5000+ $500

* before taxes. Mail in rebate to Napoloen.

For the long list of qualifying products and expert advice on planning the perfect built-in grill station for you backyard, come to Sobie’s.

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