Welcome to TEC BBQs at Sobie’s

TEC was the first infrared grills we carried here at Sobie’s. In fact, that’s their claim to fame – they don’t dabble in infrared, they invented it and their patented infrared system locks in juices and produces amazing charbroil taste.

Here’s the secret to their success: on top of their specially arranged burners creating even heat across the grill, high temperature glass panels radiate infrared energy.  What that means is that food is shielded from hot air that dries food out. Drippings get vapourized into flavor enhancing smoke instead of creating annoying flare-ups. While other grills may “include” infrared, they cook with about 65% hot air which dries out food. The proof is in the, well, meat in this case. Even well-done steaks are more moist with considerably less shrinkage.

Don’t let the BTUs fool you – this is a different technology at play.


Here are just some of the TEC advantages:

  • TEC’s new grills heat up quickly — reaching their maximum temperature during preheating within 7 minutes (on high fire with the hood closed).
  • on low fire, our new grills cook dramatically cooler than traditional infrared grills, allowing food to be slow roasted as well as seared.
  • freezing temperatures have no effect on infrared heat, so you can grill all year – anywhere!
  • Cook more on on a TEC – all other grills have hot and cold spots but not on a TEC – so go ahead and use every square inch
  • TEC grills use the same self-cleaning concept as residential ovens. So cleanup is fast and easy. Operating the grill on high fire for 5-7 minutes with the hood closed will incinerate any food and debris that accumulates during grilling.
  • top of the line 304 stainless steel burners
  • TEC grills are over 50% more energy efficient than traditional convection grills.

Which TEC is right for you?


G-Sport FR

“Affordable and versatile” is how the folks at TEC classify this new entry in their line-up. While it’s a full-size grill with the whopping heat TEC infrared produces, it’s cool enough to set the grill head on top of a counter (no cut-outs!) and that also makes it portable. Watch the demo video too.

Click here to view the G-Sport model

TEC Infrared Patio FR 26

Patio series

This is the infrared grill that started it all! TEC Infrared Grills has relaunched the Patio and it’s available at Sobie’s now. High highs and new low temps, no cold spots and self cleaning! Two sizes … feed a crowd in a hurry.

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Pinnacle Series

These new grills are commercial quality and constructed of 304 stainless steel. They come in 2, 3 and four burner models with cabinets and optional side shelves.

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While all TEC grills come with the patented infrared technology, the G-Series is considered the creme-de-la-creme. With their double-walled sloping hoods and hand welded and polished cabinets, get ready for the envy!

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