Welcome to Napoleon BBQs at Sobie’s

Napoleon BBQ’s are a perennial favourite here at Sobie’s. Napoleon is North America’s largest privately owned barbecue manufacturer and it all started just up the road in Barrie. Today our customers prize their high efficiency grills backed by the “Presidents Limited Lifetime Warranty”. Whether you’re zeroing in on the budget-conscious Triumph and Rogue series or going all the way with the Prestige Series or the double-headed Pro825, one thing is constant with Napoleon: great quality.

With Napoleon quality and performance going into each grill, you’ll continue to enjoy yours year after year. The expert engineers at Napoleon conceive and design grills with one simple philosophy in mind: only the most innovative, stylish, and finely crafted grills will ever make it off the assembly line and to your home. To ensure this philosophy holds true, all Napoleon grill cookboxes are made from high-grade stainless steel or aluminum castings. You will never have the complaint that your grill has rusted.
By the way, charcoal lovers can use charcoal in most of the models by purchasing a charcoal tray as an accessory for that smoke taste.

On NOW Until JUNE 19, 2017: Buy a Rogue, Prestige or Prestige Pro (cart) grill and get FREE Napoleon accessories to go along with your new grill. Dig into these series below to find out more!

Which Napoleon BBQ is right for you?

First, select the line…

Napoleon Triumph 495 thumb

Triumph Series

If you think a smaller barbecue equals lower quality, then allow us to introduce you to Napoleon’s Triumph series. For those of us with space limitations, the Triumph models offer stainless steel construction, up to 57,200 BTUs, and a range side burner are paired with folding shelves to make this powerhouse portable and tuck away into smaller spaces. So now you can have your burger and eat it too!

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 Napoleon Rogue R425SIB

ROGUE Series

We’re excited to offer the Rogue series at Sobie’s. If you’re looking for quality features at an affordable price point, look no further. Available with or without side burners in black or stainless … you decide but be sure to check out the features from one of our best selling brands.

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Napoleon Prestige P500 RSIB in stainless

Prestige Series

All new for 2017! Engineered for excellence, the Prestige series is the most economical of Napoleon’s higher end lines without sacrificing quality and with head-turning looks. The 500 is bigger, stronger and has more features than ever.

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Napoleon Pro665

Prestige Pro Series

If you like bells and whistles married to a heavy-duty stainless steel cooking system and gleaming the gleam that only chrome trim accents and i-Glow backlit knobs can provide … then wait no longer my friend – your grill awaits!

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The double headed Napoleon Pro825 barbecue.

Pro825 Series

PRO825 should probably have been called the King Kong; it’s that big! It is really two barbecues in one. With one infrared head and one standard – you can enjoy all the benefits of rapid heating and cooking on one side, while a chicken gently browns to perfection on the rotisserie on the other site.

View the Napoleon PRO825 model