Welcome to Lynx & Sedona Barbecues at Sobies

If you’re in the market for a premium grill, be sure to add Lynx to your short list. (And if not, stay with us, their “cousin” Sedona line may offer a lot of the quality at different price point.)

Whether you choose a freestanding model or create a custom outdoor kitchen with their built-ins and wide array of accessories, it will be the focus of attention in your backyard for years to come.

Made in the USA Lynx grills aren’t just gorgeous, they are performance machines. So what does that mean to you? Here are just some of the features that you’ll love and can’t be found in other high-end grills:

  • Cast brass burners – All Lynx Professional series grills come with these serious burners – as in seriously hot retaining their heat even on breezy days. Add to that an array of ceramic briquettes and you’ve got even heat, across the grill. Added bonus: the tough brass burners are far less prone to corrosion.
  • A seamless, gleaming 304-grade, stainless steel body – these grills are heli-arc welded and that means no seams and gaps where heat is lost and grease and moisture collect. Trust us, it’s worth a visit to Sobie’s store to see the beauty of the workmanship.
  • Lynx hood assist – lift the hood with one finger, no matter how big it is. It’s one of those little things you’ll end up loving a lot.
  • Lighting – you’re going to cook later and later just to enjoy the blue glow of the LED knob lights (they started this trend) and the bright halogens under the hood – it’s pretty spectacular.
  • ProSear – sure you’ll find infrared burners on lots of grills today with two settings: high and off. But this one is variable allowing you to throttle it back once seared.

Sedona by Lynx

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to Lynx but you’re in love with their attention to detail, then their Sedona line may just fit the bill. Many of the features including the halogen lighting and hood assist remain but while the cart comes with the Lynx, Sedona purchasers may choose the cart or just the head. Brass burners are replaced by stainless steel (like most other barbecues) and the rotisserie has a single position unlike the duel position of the Lynx. But the biggest difference is one you’ll love: the price. The Sedona line is significantly less expensive but still comes out of the same facility with the same high standards.

Which Lynx barbecue is right for you?


 Lynx 42 ProSear and All Sear

Lynx Freestanding Grills

Setting the standard for premium grills. The brand that introduced back lit knobs and variable infrared.  Get ready to be impressed!

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 Sedona 36 L600

Sedona Series

Sedona by Lynx: enjoy the quality and attention to detail as the Lynx series at a more affordable price point.

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