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With possibly the biggest selection of barbecues in Toronto, Sobie’s has long been THE place to find the perfect barbecue, smoker or charcoal grill. After all, it’s all we do! In addition to the many bbq brands and models we carry, we are barbecue experts ready to help you make the tough decisions: gas or charcoal, built-in or freestanding, infrared, rotisserie,  a smoker that grills or a grill that also smokes, we’ll help you sort it all out.

And it doesn’t end there, our friendly service extends to maintenance and repair too. In fact, if possible, we’ll make the fix in your own backyard! And that dirty annual job of cleaning the well-used bbq? You can leave that to us as well.

If you haven’t been to Sobie’s, we’re looking forward to meeting you and introducing you to the best barbecue for your backyard. You may even leave with a few of our awesome grilling accessories as well.

Hot products for 2014

Delta Heat earns its place in the Sobie’s lineup

Delta Heat barbecue 38What happens when meticulous design meets the kind of strict quality control that only happens when barbecues are manufactured under the same roof? You get a seriously good barbecue.

The commitment to quality was signalled when manufacturing of this brand was moved from China back to their own facility in California. This has allowed Delta Heat to realize the exceptional quality of their very full featured, highly spec’d barbecues.

There’s more good news in this story: it turns out that bringing the manufacturing back home didn’t result in the kind of price hikes they anticipated. And so the kind of quality on offer is very competitive in price. In fact, according to barbecue reviewer for, Derrick Riches, “I have to say that this is simply put one of the best gas grills on the market, regardless of price. The biggest issue I have is the limited availability. This is an authorized dealer product, so it isn’t going to be found in national chains or large stores. This is a quality product and it is sold by people who appreciate it.”

Look no further – they’re here at Sobie’s with stand and built-in versions available.

Check out the Delta Heat lineup here. And come into the store – we’ll be happy to show you all the Delta Heat’s bells and whistles.

New arrivals

Photo of ET732 Thermometer - wireless monitoring of your bbq

ET732 Thermometer

Monitor the bbq or the internal temperature of your meat remotely. Find out all the relaxing details here.


Oh yeah, we’ve got Butt Rub again!

From Bad Byron, a fresh batch of Butt Rubb in 3 sizes! Our #1 rub, while supplies last.